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Acts of Salvation: Signed Copy with SWAG

Acts of Salvation: Signed Copy with SWAG

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"Eleanor is becoming one of those authors that you find and stick with. What an incredibly amazing story." - Kindle Reader


If this is love, it can stay the hell away.

Time and time again I've witnessed what people do in the name of love and I want no part of it.

It's messy, ugly, and emotionally draining.

No thank you.

I'll do everything in my power to keep my heart safe, even if it means saying goodbye to the one man who's managed to stir feelings in me I never knew existed.

Bye-bye mystery man. Hello emotional freedom.


I’ve lived my entire life to the beat of one simple motto.

Work hard to play hard.

A no brainer, really.

As one of five partners to a nationwide security firm, I do whatever it takes to get the job done, making sure to reward myself with whatever the hell I want.

Sure, the job comes with its own set of dangers—but none of the bullets or knives come close to the peril of one alluring young woman.

Casandra Martinez—my little angel—is a risk all on her own.

Turning my world from black and white to vibrant; she’s a sensory overload and far from simple.

But the biggest problem is far worse than just a kink in my routine.

No. She’s off-limits. Forbidden.

Unwilling to heed the warning, I’m drawn to her light.

And like a moth to the flame, I fall.

Only one question remains…

Will her love be my salvation or my demise?

Dear reader,

Acts of Salvation is book two in the Men of WRATH series but could be read as a Standalone. WARNING (OR INVITATION): AOS contains mature language and gasp-worthy scenes.



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