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Acts of Grace_Signed Copy with SWAG

Acts of Grace_Signed Copy with SWAG

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His car isn't here.

His f*cking car... Isn't. Here.

I scan the text message one more time. Maybe, just maybe, I read it wrong.

That's possible, right? This could all be...Nope. Sure as f*ck, the text reads loud and clear.

SORRY BABE. I'm not feeling too good. I'm going to call it early and crash. Hope it's just a 24hr bug. -xoxo

My chest tightens as I look at his open garage, devoid of his silver BMW. The only thing I see is his little brother's Harley.

My hands shake and my throat goes dry as I grab my bag and the chicken noodle soup I'd picked up on the way here.Maybe there's a logical explanation for everything.

Maybe his brother took his car out. The very car he lets no one drive...

Placing one foot in front of the other, I slowly make my way to the front door as my head plays a volley of excuses on loop.

Unable to put off the inevitable, I lift my hand and knock, praying against all odds that my gut instinct is wrong.One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three-


Every monster has its weakness, and Ashley Hawthorne is mine.

The little temptress reeled me in, hooking her delicious claws into me and made me forget.

She's my best friend's sister-Always forbidden, never to be touched.

should be seeking atonement. should be finding redemption. But all I can think of is that she's my one saving grace, and now that I've had her, I'm not letting go.



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